Nesting Week: Tapering is Work

Think it’s safe to say I’m finally freakin’ out.  Down to four days until the marathon, and I feel all fat and happy.  Sheesh, tapering is tough for this filly.  Topping out at just less than 80 miles per week for several weeks during the heat of my marathon training, and this week I’ll hit 24.  So my mileage is next to nil, I’m neither running nor eating quite as much, and all I can manage to do is nest. You know, like a mother, foreseeing something huge is about to happen, prepares her dwelling and herself to serve her brood as they swoop in and suck the life out of her.


It’s a beautiful thing, really.  So is the marathon.  I love it, but let’s be honest, it is a bit life-sucking.   So in preparation for this run I know fuel is paramount.   As I nest by packing my race gear, cleaning and re-cleaning my house, painting my nails, etc., my thoughts frequently revert to how best to fuel.  Since I must let the legs rest, please let me flex my brain muscles to burn some nervous energy and share with you some of the superfoods that have been pumping out of my kitchen.

Black Quinoa better-than-pasta kale salad:


Dark Chocolate Pear Torte:


Mixed Bean Soup with Salmon and Okra:


Aronia-Chia-Cherryberry Sorbet:


Does your taper week look anything like mine?  Tell me I’m not alone…


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