I could learn a lot from my horse…

He runs barefoot, eats raw, and looks good in leather and braids.


Today I landed two steals.  First, jealous of my pony’s hoof-turf relationship, I stopped by the local bike store and found 50 % off Vibram 5 Fingers Bikila.  Love and can’t wait to run in them.  Not concerned enough to plan to run in them exclusively, but I do believe in the barefoot principle as a sort of cross-training and way to strengthen the feet and legs.  Thank you, horses, for the good idea.


See, Chiefer, you’re rubbing off on me! I’ll keep working on the leather and braids.

Secondly, you must know that our traditional Memorial Day weekend is full of farm fun, to include: horse rides, bonfires, canoe trips, cousins, kittens, grain bin corn dives, rocket launches, hay rides, and that’s just the pregame.


No worries, Baby, someday your blue eyes will be as creepy as your mama’s.

So, we were out stocking up on chow to fuel the fun times and found these organic baby food packets.  Bought 50 cents worth (should have cleaned house because they are good) and I would rate them definitely worth 25 cents.  After perusing the bargain bin, I stopped by the feminine unmentionables isle and saw the rest of the stock that wasn’t on sale.  They were almost 2 bucks.  No. Way.  Okay, yes, I know parents (or runners searching for a natural Gu substitute – good idea, huh!?) are mostly paying for ease of packaging, but I would suggest blending your own. Green applesauce:

In a Vita-Mix or other hefty blender, blend:

  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 c +/- blueberries
  • 1 handful spinach

Enjoy as applesauce, pretend the green comes from green apples 😉 or try frozen blueberries and it will be more of a smoothie.


Notice: summertime trademark dirt under the nails.  Yippee!

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