Finer things and an Orange

Sat down to plan my solo caravan west in a couple of days while sipping my maple coconut chai tea and dining on cinnamon oranges.  I sprinkle about ¼ t straight cinnamon on one sliced orange. This Moroccan treat traditionally includes both cinnamon and sugar, but I prefer it sans sucre.

My husband has gone ahead already to New Mexico, and I’ll be joining him there for a month of his internship this summer. The thought of culinary experimentation with prickly pears and frijoles is enough to make me want to paint the town.  But for now let me take a moment to savor the fine small things of Iowa life.

Hollyhocks: A loyal customer gift from the Sandhill Seed Preservation in Calamus, Iowa

Bird on a wire, well, almost, watching the sun set in our own overlapping worlds.

A stoic but graceful mamma farm cat…

and at least a dozen scampering baby kitty feet (times four).  So darling!

Paddle boat fishing with a childhood friend and our fathers…

…out on this placid farm pond.

Okay, New Mexico, I trust you’re beautiful, but can you beat that?

2 thoughts on “Finer things and an Orange

  1. susie, am loving the blog and all the recipes. will be bring the bean burgers this week just to scare the family and then will have to embark on the sweet potato lasagna just because it sounds good. have tried so many good foods since i’ve been on the farm. had a great trip to whole foods and need to get there again next week. ate all the stuff i bought and cooked a lot of good stuff. am loving the food processor. can hide a lot the everyone needs in their diet without their knowledge. have a great trip and look forward to your adventures. jane

    • Yay to all of that! Agreed; there are so many ways to slip wonderful good stuff into everything we eat. Enjoy the experimentation and I’ll keep sharing whatever comes across my plate.

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