Avocado Smoothie Day

People impress me. My eighth-graders impress the heck out of me. Today I sheepishly ran to silence my singing phone, which, this time, I truly had forgotten to silence it before class. I normally am a huge stickler about that. What got me was the way my students didn’t even bat an eye. I thought, “Poor things, does this happen to you all the time?”  It didn’t even seem like an interruption to them and their work. What a true sign of the times! I’m impressed with how my students roll with the punches and seem immune to interruption. It’s possible I’ve watched too much Downton, but I’m gratified by finesse in communication.  I did not have that today.

What did come my way were my new Altra running shoes. Love them! If shoes can be quirky…they are. They’re “zero-drop” and have an enormous amount of toe space in a large toe-box. Interestingly, I have another pair coming my way tomorrow. Long story, but I am thankful for Kyle’s Bikes, a wonderful local bike shop, and Altra Running for hooking me up. Now, I look forward to a pile of miles in them.

Full days of teaching, adult French tutoring (wow… so rewarding and fun) and shoe shuffling put me in the mood for something smooth. So we dined:

  • Homemade hummus with crudités
  • Butter beans doctored with salt, pepper and nutmeg
  • Sweet potato fries with salt & pepper, nutmeg and Hungarian paprika
  • Capped with an avocado smoothie

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 cup rice milk (homemade, $1/gallon)
  • 1 frozen banana chopped
  • 2 T honey
  • 7 ice cubes
  • Dash of salt
  • Ever so slight dash of Stevia (Admittedly, I’m not a fan, but it has its purposes, which in this case is to stretch the lovely sweetness of my raw honey)

Blend well in a blender. Serves 2-3

Rounds out any day in the finest way.

(BTW: No paid endorsements or affiliate links above. Just sharing my kicks to help a brother / sista out. I am loving the shoes in case you are curious to try a great pair of running shoes. Peace out.)


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