Intuition 1.5

Yesterday I received the Runner’s World endorsed “Best Debut” Intuition shoe from Altra Running and today is the 1.5. They are both wonderful. I understand the only change in the new version is in the uppers. The changes improve the first generation from a noticeably large toe-box to the racier raspberry Intuition 1.5 version (still with the same space for toes). Beyond the façade, they’re like wearing air. My toes have room to do to their thing and the Zero-Drop technology promotes the natural, neutral mid-foot strike. Bravo ! 

I have FiveFingers which have their place and purpose. These shoes feel even more natural. Toes can stretch out and simply go unrestricted. Many who go barefoot usually wear some facsimile of a thong or FiveFingers; accordingly, shoes and a runner have a long-standing relationship. It may not traditionally be quite symbiotic, but I might be getting there. I’m excited to have found a foot-shaped, zero-drop shoe that I believe I can believe in. Time and miles will tell.

Today it took my new Altras and Lady Gaga Pandora radio to conquer a colossal challenge: seven minutes of isometric plié squat. My quads are now trashed. Prior to this seven-minute challenge, I’d put in some Elliptical, then 30 minutes of: 150 squats and 150 calf raises both w/ weights, plus an assortment of abs, hips, and shoulder exercises timed by the minute. Seven minutes holding a plié squat after that…maybe that’s why it felt so much harder than the six minutes I tackled earlier this week. The agony is hard to describe; so I guess I have to just dare you to try it. It’ll make you feel real salty.

Start with something like 2-3 minutes and the sky’s the limit.

(BTW: No paid endorsements or affiliate links above. Just sharing my kicks to help a brother / sista out. I am loving the shoes in case you are curious to try a great pair of running shoes. Peace out.)

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