Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

My horse with my husband’s photography, so the credit is his for this week’s Free Spirit photo challenge.

Jon captured her like this at Christmas time a couple of years ago. Even soaked in snow and sleet, she was pure beauty. She turned me into a rider and shared her free spiritedness with me. I was twelve and she was two when we brought her home to the farm. She had 30 days of training, and she and I both were so green. We went out for our first ride…she bucked me straight off. That may have been the first of a several “I’m so pissed at you, Vanna!” moments; still, she earned her oats.

She’s the mother of the three I spend so much time with now. Chief, Rio, and Maggio have all gained some of her good-natured spirit, evidenced in their own personalities. She died last fall but there was definitely something good about her that is still good for the inside of me.

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