A broken foot and saying no to chairs

When I saw the temp read 50°, I couldn’t be happier to don my fall running gear, even with a broken bone in my foot. Until this morning, I’ve putzed around in my Altras and now am totally taken with them. Running in them feels barefoot, but cushy.  

This was the first real run in a while and the best my foot has felt all year. Yesterday I finally met with a podiatrist about this nagging but sharp foot pain I’ve had since a classic middle of January workout: 10 Burpees, 9 Burpees, 8 Burpees, ect. down to 1 with chin-ups and hip lunges in between. It took Dr. Lee at Capital Orthopedics one quick x-ray (with Baby and me swathed in double layers of lead) to tell me I have a bipartite sesamoid bone, one of two pea-sized bones making up the ball of the foot. He said either, “You were born this way…or you fractured it.” Baby, I wasn’t born this way, I don’t believe, since I distinctly remember the snap of one particular barefooted Burpee after dozens. Nothing will completely heal the bipartite bone; it’s just there to cause inflammation called sesamoiditis and, thus, pain. Thankfully, he went right on to say, “There’s no reason not to run, especially if that’s how you define yourself, a runner.”

So I run.

My practically-a-physical therapist husband continues providing me with support and coaching in my running. He’s so full of ultra insightful ideas for foot therapy and, now, pregnancy and childbirth preparation that he’s starting to think I should call him, “Your Lordship.” Although that nickname might not take, I do give him credit for great research on running and pregnancy. He, on the other hand, impressed with my choice of Altra running shoes, has gone out and snatched up a pair for himself. Another smooth move. 

Let’s not stop there. We are both on board for tackling natural childbirth in a few months. There are many reasons for our decision, and I’ll save that discussion for another time. We’ve committed, thus, he has removed the dining room table from our dining area. All that remains are two leaves atop a pile of Pilates mats. In short, the impetus is that sitting in chairs is not so good for this mother ship or this mother’s hips. Sitting cross-legged encourages more lateral hip rotation and the leaning forward helps the uterus to grow, let’s just say, in the best direction. He didn’t make this stuff up; he’s done his homework, and I’m happy to play along. It’s so fun that we may not go back…until I need those Pilates mats.

(BTW: No paid endorsements or affiliate links above. Just sharing my kicks to help a brother / sista out. I am loving the shoes in case you are curious to try a great pair of running shoes. Peace out.)


3 thoughts on “A broken foot and saying no to chairs

  1. You two have always made me smile. Congrats on the coming little one! If you want to see some more buffalo, come visit us – 2 miles from Yellowstone. You can borrow some bear spray for your run, Suz 😉

    • Thanks, Hannah! How far along are you now? I could get some serious tips from you and your mamma on childbirth. I might have to arrange that. Thanks for the Yellowstone invite, we’d be there if we could get away. Stay there a while to give us a chance! It looks like an amazing place! ~Blessings

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