Show and Tell

Sewing and cooking are much the same to me, take an idea and run with it. (Apologize for the butt shots. Read on, they’re necessary for a good laugh.)

These guys started as yoga pants . When the legs first came together they looked like chaps…yes, butt-less chaps. Infuriated that I was actually trying to follow a pattern but it still crashed and burned for me, I fixed it. Instead of leaving myself with a serious plumber’s crack or trashing the whole thing, I made this weird butt piece above the legs and below the waistband. See it? Hardly noticeable, I know; miracle pants. Miracle that they survived the trauma of their entry into this world, and that they fit so comfortably.


Since last winter these tights have needed fixing. I was out on a run and suddenly had to “go.” I made it home but only barely. I still had this ridiculous knot in the drawstring so tight I had to cut myself out of my pants to make it to the loo. Voilà –  new waistband.  Not for hire, Adidas.


Next, I found this tutorial to make an Anthropologie knockoff tunic (maternity) shirt out of a men’s dress shirt. The ‘before’ shirt I could fit over a sweatshirt and down vest, now it’s still a little large. I think we’ll grow into it. I followed the tutorial to a T, other than keeping the sleeves long and fixing cuffs I chopped off with the addition of some lace. Fun way to upcycle a $4.60 shirt XL shirt.


Lastly, I made some baby stuff, to include this cute little number:

What is it?

Well, it’s a sweet portable changing mat. The “Born to Run” is just there to remind me that I need to get my rear in gear, even if I have diapers to change.

No pressure, Baby. Really. That’s all on me.

4 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Susie, you crack me up! Katie just made the bean and cranberry brownies. They are delicious. They are more like a meal than a dessert when i got done buying all the ingredients. I love your blog. Always learn something new and buy some sort of interesting ingredient I didn’t know I needed to own. Always was going to buy coconut oil and now I’ll be cooking with it all the time. Think about you and that baby all the time. That Jon appears to be a speed demon. Good for hime. Tell him hello. Miss you all and would love to see you soon. Jane

  2. My tip: Always check out before sewing up a pattern; loads of pattern reviews & sewing discussion. Where did you find that running print fabric? Is it quilt fabric? I didn’t even know they made running-theme print fabric, because I have never seen it before (and not for lack of looking, either).

    This baby has no choice but to be a runner. I wouldn’t be surprised to be cheering him/her on at the Olympics, because it’s gotta be in the genes big time. 😉

    • Hey, good tip.

      The print is just a $2.99/yard flannel. I was surprised when I found it too. I should have bought the whole bolt, but a little goes a long way. Plus, I’m working on thinning my fabric “stash” trying not to purchase too much new stuff. It’s a fun challenge.
      Yes, hoping the baby has J’s heart-rate/VO2 max and my, well, mabye level of craziness??

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