Going Nuts

I think I’ve found a new way not to go nuts on the treadmill. Have you ever just played for yourself a slideshow on your media player? It’s entertaining and eats up all sorts of time (maybe battery power too, but very worth it.) Randomizing several hundred pics is best. It keeps you guessing…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other than how to amuse yourself on the treadmill, I want to share an old trick that I just unearthed. I learned this nut trick in “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon, one of my favorite kitchen resources. She says, soak your nuts before consumption. Simple. The reasoning behind soaking nuts, Fallon convinced me, is that unsoaked nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that strain the digestive system. More importantly, after I tried it I realized that nuts, especially English walnuts, just taste better when soaked and dehydrated.

I know. I know. Sounds redundant… Soak a batch of nuts in lightly salted water for several hours, dehydrate and eat. The process is a bit redundant but just try it; it makes a nut taste freshly cracked out of the shell and takes that bitter bite out of a walnut, making it almost sweet.

Here’s how to work a 1 lb. bag of walnuts. Dump them in a large bowl. Dash a bit of salt, or something like ½ t. if you feel like measuring. Run cold water over them. Be sure to add a little extra water because the nuts expand while soaking. Allow to soak, ideally for seven hours, but if you’re pressed for time then 4-6 hours would be plenty. Drain and rinse the nuts after soaking. Then you have options for dehydrating: 1. use a dehydrator at about 120° or lower; 2. spread on baking sheet and use the lowest heat on the oven or the oven warmer, even better; 3. spread out on plates and place in a warm location. Option 2. will likely take the least amount of time, whereas option 3. will take all night and then some. Whatever your method, dry them until they no longer feel slimy and soaked. Once dried, store walnuts in fridge. Other nuts can use the same method but are less prone to rancidity at room temp, so they may be stored outside of the fridge.


I think you’ll notice a huge difference in taste. Plus, your brain and guts will thank you in each their special way for these healthy, rejuvenated nuts.


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