Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love. To capture love in a picture, I don’t know that I could? But when I think love, I think of how love makes life really big.

Tonight I strained to run a few miles on the treadmill. I felt as if with each step I was duking it out with my calves, strength blurred carrying 30 extra pounds.pregnant treadmill run

Four minutes in and they hurt like the final mile of a marathon. Across the workout room, I noticed a neighbor having completed his weight session was lingering at the door before heading out. Conscious of this, I looked up from the internal struggle with my begging calves to receive a brief and friendly two thumbs up and smile from the acquaintance. Smiling back, I knew that in his gesture he was reiterating a conversation we had had a few weeks back. He had told me that my round belly running was, “Awesome!” and “It must be so great for your baby.”  This evening he obviously did not want to interrupt me and my audio book, but I felt the love.

Is it sometimes easier to show love to complete strangers than those closest to us?

Well, maybe don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead, just think about how you encourage.

Cheering on family with family and friends at an alumni football game:Photo Courtesy of L. Hughes

Saying “yes” to a summer evening hike to the Great Sand Dunes when my eight-week pregnant self only wants to lay around lazy: Sand Dunes

As with my cheerful neighbor, we love with small acts of kindness and support.

Look to love in little ways and love will make your life big.

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