Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Lost in the details perfectly explains what I’ve been up to.

A baby’s eyesight is something like 20/400 at birth, legally blind I dare say, and the retina is quite underdeveloped. One way to help vision development is by surrounding a newborn with contrasting blacks and whites. Since I refuse to wallpaper the house in black and white stripes, I’ve instead busted out the freezer paper and black paint. I painted on shapes with the help of freezer paper stencils I cut out and ironed on fabric – there are Internet tutorials galore and actually directions right on the freezer paper box if you want to play around with it. Then I sewed some cones and pyramids, stuffed them, and strung ’em up…


The new view from our baby’s cradle are these bad boys. Hung 8-12 inches from the face, I believe they will for sure do their job of visual stimulation for our little one. Not nearly as cute as the monkey, giraffe, and friends that used to hang from this mobile, but in a few months we’ll swap out these psycho geometric puffs and put those cuties back where they belong for a new view.

Here’s to seeing all the little details of life and getting lost in them.

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