Welcome, Baby!

You know it’s been too long when you’ve forgotten the username and password to your own blog. So I appreciate your patience with me and hope that you’ve assumed, yes, I’ve had my baby. Wow, what a last few weeks! This is my latest snapshot of our little one, deep in sweet dream land and of course surrounded by fur.

sleeping baby-1

He’s two and a half weeks old and just an amazing miracle. Love. Love. Love!

We are having so much fun learning who he is and how to orchestrate our days (and nights). I like to say that thankfully he seems to understand the difference between daytime and nighttime. At least he’s sleeping for longer stretches at night. Plus, he’s getting stronger by the day, masterfully handling his rigorous tummy time training.

daddy baby2-1

His entry into the world was a bit of a long story, so I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes version and share a little of my goals now looking forward.

We had hopes of a natural vaginal birth, laboring at home for the bulk of the process, and spending minimal time at the hospital. None of that happened. We were two weeks over due and scheduled for an induction. I spent six days in the hospital. The induction process lasted from a Thursday until Saturday morning. Baby was such a champ, never showing signs of distress through all the long hours of psycho Pitocin contractions. We stalled at 9cm for five hours and then my midwife was concerned that a c-section would probably be the only option. So a c-section birth was how we would finally meet our little one. On the operating table, when the doc or nurse slammed me in the sternum (not really sure who did what because I couldn’t see over that blue curtain; thank goodness!) and heaved him out of my uterus, all 22 ½ inches and 8lb 10.6oz of him were just perfect.

new baby

As with most major and minor life events, nope, things didn’t go as we’d hoped. But, really, who cares! All is well and we have a wonderfully healthy baby boy. Now, I’ll take another three weeks or so then assess how I’m feeling and, with doctor’s approval, hopefully start to run again. My goal is for my best half marathon this fall. I’m signed up for an early September half, which (Yikes!) now sounds really soon. I’ll likely run the Des Moines half too in October. I am anxious to see how training and motherhood balance but confident that we can make it work. I guess I feel like now he’s here to learn from us, and I want to be the best role model I can be for him. That’s probably the best incentive ever. baby sepia-Thanks to It happened on Mulberry Street Photography for this sweet pic!

As for my creativity in the kitchen, I’m sure to strike a balance with that soon too. I’m anxious to share some new recipes with you. Right now all I seem to be producing is milk.


7 thoughts on “Welcome, Baby!

  1. Suzy….What a beautiful baby boy! Jon looks so happy with his son! You two are blessed and a blessing to those who know you! I want to hold him!! Adele

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