Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.

A month hiatus from blogging and I am craving it. I’ve missed you, my little blogspot. Mwa. Mwa. Muah! Oh wait…Sorry, but this guy has been getting all of the love and kisses.

3 months old yay

Three+ months in and the learning curve to parenting is severe. Just when I feel like I’ve reached the zenith of motherly expertise – like getting baby to consistently sleep through the night for the last month, ahhhhhh – yes, just then I use an inadequate cloth diaper insert to accommodate his bigger boy pee-pees he’s now producing. Picture it: diaper leaks in Aldi with a full cart of groceries. We have screaming lungs and a malfunctioning carseat handle with which I proceed to bang baby in the head as I clumsily extract him to “soothe” him. Continuing to bawl, him not me, I race to the checkout. Sweet cashier wants to hold him. I know his waistline is soaked in pee-pee. Thankfully, an expertly positioned burp rag fooled her. We hustle to the car. I drive a sedan in which there’s nothing remotely flat like a changing table. He’s still wailing and sort of spooning the steering wheel. I scramble to slap on a clean diaper crooked but in generally the right vicinity. Toss him unclothed back into the carseat, again banging head against stuck carseat handle, and we get the heck out of there.

Really, this is really hard. But it is a HUGE joy and worth every bit of change and challenge.

One change is that I’ve really not spent much time crafting in the kitchen of late. Our meals are pretty standard. Throughout the day, I put down lots of fruit, either in a smoothie or straight up while hanging out with babycakes. Plus the occasional latte.


I’d never had a latte with the fancy flourish. Truly lovely. I mean, why does that make it taste so much better?


In the evenings we’ve been thriving on enormous salads together as a family. If you need impetus for designing a great salad then think about how you might get every color on the plate. One of my favorite salads is a dinner plate piled high with spinach, lettuce, or any mixed greens, red onions, orange, yellow and red sweet mini peppers, olives, mushrooms, and beans. (Any beans, just not baked beans, please! My husband tried to pull a fast one on me with the baked beans. Um, that’s a no-no.) Top with a lime vinaigrette. Sometimes I don’t want to even bother to whisk up the vinaigrette, so I just splash on some lime juice, do the same with a little olive oil and then drizzle on a fine little stream of honey. It all gets blended together well enough without the whisking. Finally, serve this salad with some guacamole, salsa, and blue corn chips. Awesome!

On top of getting caught up on sleep, the best part about the last month is that we’ve started something new. We’re keeping track of things we’re thankful for. Each evening we’ve been sharing and recording three things that brightened our days. It’s a simple act with a large impact. Most of the time it’s piddly little things. Things that just make us smile, like a really good salad or the chance to toss a frisbee in the park. It’s a great way to reflect. I often find myself going throughout my day in search of my three things. Whittling them down. Seeking them out. Like I want to name my three things so carefully so as to define the most significant good in that specific day. It feels like a really great habit that we can easily continue because we enjoy it so much.

For tonight there are a few contestants in my list of three things. One could be the kind Aldi cashier who, very thankfully, didn’t get peed on. Possibly the thoughtful woman with an absolutely overflowing cart-full who let me sneak in front of her at checkout. Or maybe the sensitive man with a cane who helped me with my armful of screaming baby to load my trunk with a box full of Aldi groceries. Humm? We’ll see. But what I’m starting to see is that acknowledging, being thankful for, the good in situations helps me to realize that my minor crises might just be avenues for me to receive blessings from others, not just times to panic.

We’re both doing some growing I think. And still laughing.

Feeling thankful. How about you?


12 thoughts on “Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.

  1. Those days of cloth diapers with my first born Zach, and the 27 diapers he went through each day, comes back to me. I am glad you are thankful, That is a good place to be!!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful what a thankful spirit will do to diffuse a stressful situation, maybe not immediately but when thinking back on the moment? There have been some (ok, lots!) of grocery store situations where I would rather curl up in my bed and pretend I never left the house or saw anyone’s face that day, but these little people can erase all of the negatives with a well timed smile and and joyful giggle. Baby W is so worth it!
    And here’s a challenge for you: learn how to change a baby on your lap, once you get that down you don’t ever have to worry about a good place to change baby because your lap goes everywhere you do 🙂 You get bonus mom points and a quick work-out if you change your baby’s diaper while doing a wall squat!
    Keep up the good work, Sister!

  3. Aah, yes, It’s good to have you back! That adorable baby boy is a blessing to look at, not to mention Mom! I’ve done the “awful pie” thing myself with a coconut cream mock pie that was a disaster! But the avocado “key lime” was great!
    Big be thankful for us in Colorado is the great rain we are getting!

    • Oh, Adele, yes, I was just noticing on national weather the rain out West! Yay. Love hearing of your pie experiences, too. Hope all is well with you guys. We think often of you and I kick myself that we never got up to see you when we were in the neighborhood last summer in Raton. Someday!

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