Lecithin Spiked Carrot-Orange Juice

Good 4th, was it?

Frisbees, fruit pies and fantastic fireworks, pretty much sums up our lovely holiday. I even squeaked in this Red White and cherry-Blueberry Pie. (Ready to hop in the oven here):

4th of july 2013 pie

Tasty, but not worthy of sharing the recipe. I followed a recipe – always seems to come back to bite me – that called for flour to thicken the filling. I was not hip to the flour-pie-filling-thickening-agent idea, but it was all I had anyway. Went with it and bleck! Actually, the fruit was still divine but the juice was, well, still juice. So if a fruit pie ever calls for flour, find one thickened with some sort of starch or tapioca. mmmm-Yes, my choice would be tapioca for a berry pie for sure.

Anyway, fantastic 4th behind us, and the 5th I wake up with mastitis… again. Nasty. Nasty like the feeling that being run over by a truck would feel better than how I feel right now. Or nasty as feeling as if there was a dried up wheel of baby bel cheese in “there” (maybe that’s what breast implants feel like?!). So after a couple of days of fever, chills, and general malaise, I’m finally coming around. But I would like to find a way to prevent a third recurrence. When I asked a friend who raises sheep how she treats her ‘girls’ who are inclined to getting mastitis, she said, “we just don’t breed them.” Great. There must be another way?

I researched. One supplement that has proven to be of some benefit to nursing mothers is lecithin. Lecithin is found naturally in egg yolks, soy, and some organ meats. Soy lecithin, a byproduct of some soy products, is found in many foods because it is an emulsifier. Emulsify is pretty much what it does in the body, too. Some research shows lecithin may even help the body metabolize fat. For nursing women, lecithin can help to thicken breast milk by increasing the polyunsaturated fats in the milk, while decreasing the stickiness of it.

You can find lecithin in capsule form. I purchased lecithin granules which can be blended into smoothies, salad dressings or juice. A good juice combo I found which pairs nicely with lecithin is carrot-orange juice. You can purchase bottled carrot juice in the cooler section of most grocery stores. While it is tasty on its own, mixing carrot juice with equal parts orange juice (or maybe a little more orange) is really refreshing. For my mammary glands, I add a healthy dose of lecithin, stir it in, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. The lecithin will sort of remind you of pulp, but it won’t deter from the flavor.

Playing with Poncho the pony and enjoying my lecithin cocktail:


Praying it works!


One thought on “Lecithin Spiked Carrot-Orange Juice

  1. When I got mastitis repeatedly, it turned out to be anemia. I started supplementing iron & didn’t have another bout. I had tried every other possible cause & remedy before that. Heat & massage & fully emptying will help clear it up temporarily at least.

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