Simple Sweet Tea

Could life just be as simple as sweet tea?

The recipe I want to share is so simple it’s sickening! I love it.

One 12 oz glass jar (Plastic gives me the hebejebeez, especially when it is roasted in the sun. Glass is just a little less reactive.) Fill with filtered water, add one tea bag of choice (love the green) and a splash of honey. Allow to sunbathe for 4-6 hours, remove bag and chill.


Why did I always think that sun tea had to be brewed in large batches?

Well, I had these Tazo tea jars and instead of pitching them in the recycling bin, I decided to create individual servings of sweet green sun tea… Fantastic! You can really dial in the flavors. If, for instance, someone in your fam likes unsweetened tea, you can leave out the honey, or perhaps add some other flavorings like mint or lemon. Go wild with it. I think you’ll see what I mean, the tea just tastes better. It’s weird!

But really, back to the original question. Simplify?

I’m reflecting on the last four months since today we’re celebrating this big guy’s 4 month b-day! Whoot whoot! Drools and all!


‘They’ say “only one major life change per year.” I suppose that’s the rule of thumb suggestion to help keep one’s sanity and the sanity of those around us. Well, in the past four months we’ve thrown caution into the wind and: had a baby, changed jobs, sold a home, bought a home, moved to an entirely new community, graduated from a doctoral program, studied for and passed a medical board exam, and did I mention have a baby? What were we thinking!?

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that ‘They’ were probably right.

But as these changes become more and more reality, the craziness settles with the dust. And I’m so thankful for these two guys!


We’re so grateful for the love and support of family and friends who’ve encouraged us along the way. Visits. Texts. Calls. Food. Emails. Prayers. You name it. We’ve needed it all.

I’m thankful, too, that I feel empowered to give myself more grace when it comes to training and running. One day (perhaps soon) I’ll be fit enough to beat my old times and my pre-baby self. (Maybe you can find me in this team poster? The tall one.)

runablaze poster

I’ll keep you posted on training as it progresses. For now, running is very simple. We do a jog stroller run for 60-90 minutes five or six times per week. This is during morning naptime. Well, one of us is napping. Very easy pace, just out enjoying fresh air and getting some easy base miles in. This is the routine I’ve been keeping for about the past month. It feels good and we’re just going with it. In addition to the runs, I do Pilates 4-5 times per week and at least 3 pretty serious bodyweight strength workouts, which are short, sweet and usually pretty ugly. Baby really laughs when I do squats, so that helps to keep me squatting!

Whether life around you is simple or crazy right now, let’s be grateful for where we each are in the journey. See how you can spur on someone around you. It needn’t be anything big. Trust me. If nothing else, brew them some sweet tea!

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