Sparkling Pink Lemonade

I’d like to propose a toast…20130807-084403.jpg

Here’s to eight years of marriage. Yesterday we celebrated the day we were hitched under those oaks. It was a beautiful day just like yesterday, not to mention a ton of fun! The picture on my about page of Rio was also from that day. Love that picture. That horse. That man… Good stuff.

Also, it was an encouraging day on the roads. I did my first real interval workout in about 14 months. Three repeat miles averaging 6:10. Nothing blazing by my personal standards, but it felt good to get that raspy feeling in the lungs toward the last bit.

So a Sparkling Pink Lemonade is in order. This is so nice; sweetened with just strawberries. Hope you love it. You do need a blender, but it is otherwise very, very easy.

In a blender, blend:
16 oz whole frozen strawberries
1/2 whole lemon (with peel)
1/4 c lemon juice
1/2 c Simply Fruit strawberry jam (no sugar)
Divide this concentrate among (2-4 glasses) and add equal amount sparkling water to concentrate. Stir and serve.

Sophisticated punch or something like that. Drink up!

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