Foam Roller for a Queen

Might I say, I feel like a queen. bday-1-3This is me after my long run this morning, reposing in my brand new birthday chair with a bottle of Perrier.

While I ran, these two prepped Belgian waffles for my birthday brunch.bday-1-5

To celebrate my 30+ years we had a waffle bar to include all the toppings a gal could imagine: black walnuts, coconut, honey, chocolate chips, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, maple syrup and more.bday-1

I would share the recipe, but waffles are sort of my husband’s baby. I just consume and gladly, too.

Though I’d love to just kick back and sip sparkling water all day, the foam roller beckons.

bday-1-4I’ve been building mileage an intensity in my training for three weeks now. This week I started to notice what we call “tweaks” in my hamstrings; like a little ping of pain every once in a while toward the end of a harder tempo run. The tweaks might be minor now, but they could become a much larger problem. For instance, several years ago I dealt with months of hamstring tendonitis. It was not pretty. With the help of Pilates and physical therapy, I have not had any issues with tendonitis since. One technique to help worked muscles heal is foam-rollering. The foam roller in this picture is of a lighter density. Typically the darker the roller (gray or black), the more dense and the more abrasive it is to your pressure points. I have the white because it was given to me by a physical therapist, but I’ve used a much denser roller too and both are great.

How does it work?

First, you don’t need to be a runner or avid athlete to use a foam roller. To me it feels sort of like a massage. And it’s fun, you just get down and roll: back, legs, butt, etc. You’ll want to say away from bony spots; that will just hurt. Instead, stick to the meat. Roll for a few minutes on each major muscle group. When you come upon a particularly sore spot, you might go back and forth a little more or linger in one spot a little longer until the pain subsides.

And now this guy is awake and wondering what Mama’s up to.bday-1-2



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