T-minus 9 Weeks to Marathon

Week 10 of marathon training is in the bag.

It’s an off day. We’re off to a good start. This little sweetie let me sleep in until 9:18 this morning, when I jumped out of bed and ran in to find him playing quietly in his crib. I know he would have awoken me had he needed something.

Photo Sep 22, 5 54 38 PM

Last post was mid-week of week 10. I wanted to share how the rest of the week went. Friday, an easy day, was unusual. I was awoken by a wild rain storm a couple hours before my alarm. The wind, thunder, lightening, hail and then pop before the power went out, had me wide-awake. I eventually decided to get out and do my quick run around 5 a.m. When I returned, it wasn’t quite 6 and I thought, “hum, I’m sort of tired.” So I crawled back in bed and got another hour and a half of sleep. Never done that before. Good reminder that sleep and rest is so important in recovery.

However, by evening Friday night I was feeling some doubts. A bit achy in my knees and I’m thinking, “no way is this 18-miler going to happen” in the morning. I would need to be out the door running by 4:20 a.m. in order to be back by 6:40 when my husband was to leave for an all-day training. I don’t mind the early hour, but when the forecast says strong storms just during the four and five o’clock hours, right during the bulk of my run, all I can think of is being struck by lightning. Hoping to call both my body and the weather’s bluffs, I did some extra hip-flexor and quad stretching to ease the knee pain (that helped), ignored the forecast, and set my alarm for 4 a.m.

It didn’t rain. I didn’t feel any knee pain. Of course, it was pitch black out and I didn’t feel like running with a headlamp, so I stuck to well-lit city streets for my warm up miles and then headed to the track. Yes, I ran a long run on the track (13 of the 18 miles). I know it sounds ridiculous and pretty much it was. I chose the track first because of the darkness. The bright white lines were like headlights on the black track. It made it much easier to run with a little more focus on my pace than worrying about tripping over something on the street or sidewalk. Secondly, because of my teeny bit of knee pain, I welcomed the soft surface.

Again, the run was to be 18 miles (4 easy(E), 6 marathon pace(M), 1 E, 4 M, 3 E). I revised that a little as I went (5E, 7M, 1E, 4M, 1E). I increased it one extra marathon pace mile because the first couple miles of that 7M were a little off. Total, I did 11miles at around 7min/mile. That is slower than my goal marathon pace, but it’s the suggested pace for my current conditioning. I feel really good about the run. I dare say it’s the best early season 18-miler I’ve ever run. I’d need to look back at my prior training records to be certain, but 2:20 for 18miles with half of those minutes at 7 min/mile is good for now.

The two of us are off to the pool now for a little hydro-therapy. Hoping to reduce any DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) with some time in the water.


With the week 9 recap of this coming week I’m thinking of including a pizza recipe. How does that sound? pizza-1

Get ready!


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