Week 6 – Chia Energy Gel

week 6.1-1

Happy belated Halloween to you. We enjoyed baked buttercup squash and apples on Halloween. Yum. I hoped I might have a profound recipe to share with you incorporating buttercup. Love it. But instead I thought I should mention that for the past several long runs, I’ve put down some chia “energy gel” before heading out on the run.

Chia is a cute little seed with a huge nutrient punch, minerals, omega-3s, antioxidants, etc. Unlike flaxseed, chia can be digested whole. csc jam2-1So here’s my chia energy gel recipe:

  • 1 T chia seed
  • 1 T strawberry jelly (all fruit)
  • 1 t cacao nibs

I mix this up the night before in a tiny bowl and spoon it down with a glass of water in the morning as I’m getting ready to run. It sits well and is pretty tasty.

Marathon Training Week 6:
Monday: 7E
Tuesday: 13E
Wednesday: 6E
Thursday 13.5E
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8.5E (ran with a group of gals, pushing baby in jog stroller – fun, fun, fun!)
Sunday: 21 (average 6:58/mile, steady and hard)
Total: 69 miles

Week 6 was a recovery week. This meant less intensity but still a fairly high mileage week. I needed this because after a hard couple of weeks prior, I was feeling pretty run down. It probably would have been good for me to get in at least a few tempo miles mid-week, but that didn’t happen. No biggy. The silver lining to the “lazy” week (sometimes how a recovery week feels) was a hard long run on Sunday. I ran with a friend, a 2:35 ! marathoner, and we pushed the pace enough to average somewhere just under 7min/mile for 21 miles. That felt pretty satisfying. It’s exciting to get 16 miles into a run and realize you’re running a respectable marathon race pace and yet you feel good and chatty.

Today, a day after the 21-miler, I feel really great. No pains, just a twinge of soreness. I attribute feeling good to being well hydrated, eating a variety of good recovery foods, and spending some family time in the rec pool yesterday afternoon. I feel set up for the more intense next two weeks.

Bring it on!

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