Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Today has been a particularly achy day mentally and physically. I’m reminded of this post from last year: November 29, 2012. One draggy day can’t get me down. I’m still thankful for life and all its little details.

Reblogged from 11/29/2012:

Thankful, and then some…

I’m so thankful for this little BOY all kicking around inside.

Pretty sure he’s partying and drinking up the gallon+ of water I put down each day.

I’m thankful, too, for fun on the farm.

The perspective of my father fielding my husband’s golf ball just makes me smile.

Thanks for a sweet steed…

whom I trust enough to go for a putzy ride while just a little bit pregnant.

Finally, the other week, I missed “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green” Shoot!

Well anyway, I’m thankful for furry friends with peridot green eyes.

I think of all that and purr.


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