Taper Magic

There’s really nothing black and white about the marathon taper.week2-1-3The uncertainty that seems to fill the days leading up to a marathon causes more gray areas. No one right way to go about the taper exists. But no matter how you cut the cake, something magical happens.

Taper magic? Whaaa?

Why, then, do I feel all sorts of wrong.

My knee… My hamstrings… My back…

Could the hypochondriac in me just quit?

This week (Week 2 til marathon) was sweet and simple:

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 5E
  • Wednesday: 9 (2E, 2 / 1.5 / 1 miles all @ T=6:19 with .5mi between each, 1.5E)
  • Thursday: 6E (Happy Thanksgiving!)
  • Friday: 4E
  • Saturday: 10E
  • Sunday: 7E
  • Total:41 mi

Since this week was so nice and easy, I should’ve felt ready to throw my weight around in all the Black Friday shopping lines. Right? Okay, first, no thanks. I didn’t go shopping. And had I, I wouldn’t have lasted very long.

I’ve just felt super draggy all week.


With the extra time I’ve had not running quite as much I’ve:

  • Stretched…

Absorbed some beautiful sunsets. week2-1-2{November sunsets have always been my favorite.}

  • And stretched…

Watched Mr. Pants go from squatting to standing a gazillion times.week2-1

  • And stretched again…

So if you’re in taper mode, don’t feel alone if you too are experiencing nagging pains. Phantom pains, as they could lovingly be called, are somewhat normal. The body is rejuvenating tissues. Muscles are adapting (i.e. getting stronger!). Can I get an Amen? Muscle twinges and cramps are all part of the process of your body becoming the new she- or he-man that is YOU.

Magic? Maybe just a little.

In case you don’t believe in magic, stretch one more time. Then do Pilates, foam roll, yoga, hot tub, or Epsom Salts soak, etc. Try to take it easy, especially for the 10-12 days before your marathon. Don’t get all wrapped around the axle if you feel a little ping or pain here or there.

It’s all good.

One last little tidbit. Shamefully, I’ve never done fundraising for a race. This needs to end. If you have the budget for any extra charitable giving, here’s the link to my fundraising page for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. Click the Donate to this Participant (at right). And of course you’re not donating to me but to sort of join with me. Run with me without leaving the comforts of your home, and I would be honored to run on your behalf. Like they say, any amount helps, no matter how small.



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