Plans Change

The final week until the marathon started out like this:

  • Monday: 6 miles  with 4 X 1000 at T in the middle
  • Tuesday: 30 min easy
  • Wednesday: 20 min easy
  • Thursday: Rest

By Thursday things changed.


When the weatherman used the word “lethal” there was no question. I was done for.

Nope, nothing like an ice storm to tear all plans to pieces.

And no matter how many 20+ milers [a 17, two 18, a 20, a 21 and two 22-mile runs in the last two months to be exact!!] and grueling workouts logged, it was not worth life and limb to try to get to and do this marathon. For the sake of those still planning to run, I had hoped the best. But, ultimately, the race was cancelled.

Yes, I’m disappointed. Do I feel like I wasted all those miles? A teeny tiny bit, yes. Okay, maybe more than a teeny tiny bit. But as one of my Pilates clients assured me, “You’ll just be that much stronger for the next thing.” I think she’s probably right.

So on to the next thing… Just not yet quite sure what that is?… As in, I’m not sure if I’ll try to find a different marathon in December or January. Probably not.

But actually, a friend and I already squeezed in a ridiculously cold trail race yesterday morning.


It was a 2-degrees and sunny eight miles through the woods around the big city.

sycamore 8 run

With post-race chicken noodle soup worthy of the wait in line.


And then the next, next for sure thing is the Psyco Wyco 50k in early February.

Time to shift gears into ultra-marathon mode. I think I need that.

I know, I’m weird.

Oh, favorite meal of the week was my sweet potato lasagna. This time I did use regular lasagna noodles instead of tortillas. Tastes good both ways. Give her a try!

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