Kettlebell Fever

I’ve got a fever…

Except, for me, the only prescription is… more kettlebell.

This week I’ve been taking a little time to evaluate where I need to go with my training for the next couple months. Plus I’ve gotten over my anticlimactic fizzled culmination of marathon training. (Race cancelled due to ice and really not much for alternative races in the near future).  I’ve realized that the gap in my training for the past few months has been ancillary strength training. Pilates has been routine and will continue to be. [By routine, I mean three to four sessions per week.] However, looking back I notice that the lapse in strength training began when my mileage increased big time. This was probably for the best. But now I’m seeing the need to continue the higher mileage and throw in some more strength training. In other words, I need to throw some weight around.

The first thing I think of is the kettlebell.

Hence, the fever.


In the past, when I’ve done much kettlebell training, I seem to inevitably get ‘it’ in the back.

A sore back from kettlebell training is quite common because it is easy to get sloppy with exercises and precise form is imperative to protect the back. Take this guy for example:


Brett Jones, double-kettlebell front squat

We’ll call him an expert, because he is. Brett Jones (pictured) and Gray Cook are two physical therapists who use kettlebell exercises to help correct asymmetries in the body. (You can click the picture for more from them.) Anyway, I won’t overanalyze the form but just note that as he performs his squat, he’s not putting undue strain on the low back.

My goal, as I prepare to bid 2013 adieu, is to keep getting stronger/faster in 2014. A key to getting stronger is to stay healthy so that you can keep at it. So as I incorporate kettlebells into my routine, I’ll do so with care.

Stay safe and have fun getting stronger!

(BTW: No paid endorsements or affiliate links above. Just sharing to help a brother/sista out.)


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