How to beat the holiday sugar blues

Anyone else feeling a bit sugar shocked?

Seriously, unless you just say no to every treat, it’s hard not to feel that way with all of the candies, cookies, and sweets floating around. Well, here are a few ideas of how to beat the sugar blues.


Don’t feel like you always need to sweat big-time in order to get in a workout. Simple movement, an exercise class, some easy stretching, or even playing on the floor with a child can do wonders for your lymphatic and immune systems. I’m no doctor, but I know that excess sugar weakens the immune system. So since the lymphatic system circulates fluids into and out of our tissues, helping improve our immune response, one main thing we can do to support our lymph is to move. Just today I taught a Silver Sneakers fitness class to a group of senior ladies. It was a riot. Not quite the same level of intensity as R.I.P.P.E.D {The one stop body Shock!} but nevertheless, we were moving and loving it. So whatever it takes, get up and move.

Go Out-of-doors:

One word: Sledding.

9 mo-1-4

We all need a little fresh air. And a little snow spray never hurts either.


When you can’t stand the thought of baking another batch of cookies, good, don’t. Sugar is seriously addictive. It can be hard to resist the urge to bake or sample another something and then another and… Instead, go for a distractor and bust out a different project. Nice to use the kitchen sink for something other than cleaning up dishes.


For several years, I have enjoyed this pair of 1990s-esque-way-too-light-blue-stonewashed skinny jeans. They’ve been begging for a makeover. I had a spare box of black Rit dye – doesn’t everyone? – and when the mood struck me today, I knew dark gray was the destiny for these pants.


Cute! And baby likes the pants too.

If all else fails, use your sugar blues as motivation to plan out some 2014 goals. It’s gonna be a great year.


2 thoughts on “How to beat the holiday sugar blues

  1. Well, Susie…..I’ve got the perfect formerly “dappled gray” turned white waiting in my field for you to come ride “bridle less” next trip to Colorado!

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