Projects and Projections for 2014

We’re off to the races with 2014 projects. My husband is winterizing the heck out of our house. It needed it. For instance, not long ago, I woke up to find my damp snow boots had frozen to the wall in the kitchen, we knew we needed to check some things out. Besides getting my boots unstuck from the frozen wall, my husband also put up the bunny ears on our computer monitor/tv. Now we get THIS tv and three public television channels. He says he was looking for football, but I know he, too, couldn’t miss the season 4 premier of Downton Abbey tonight. Whoot! Those projects are now taken care of and that feels good. And warm. Nice to get to know this home a little more since we’ve now been living here for about five months. Honeymoon’s over.

Anyway, there will always be projects, some bigger than others; I’ll come back to that later. But for this new year I have several projections. Really, why can’t we call them projections instead of resolutions? I know it’s good to resolve to do something, but a planned course of action sounds better. Here are a few of my 2014 projections.

For my health:

Eat less peanut butter. Eat more vegetables.
Sprout more grain. Fear grains like spelt and teff less.
Wrangle my sweet tooth.
Forage with reckless abandon. Nettle. Lambs quarter. Mulberry. Elderberry. They’re out there. Just find a trustworthy location and forage away. Try not to trespass. Not too much.

For my running:

I am projecting to run three marathons this year. My simple plan is to get progressively faster with each one. I applied to be an Altra Ambassador for Altra shoes. I can’t help but think that running to promote the shoes I love will be just a little added bonus to my level of motivation. So even if they don’t pick me (find out on Tuesday), I’m going to keep working on getting faster. Here’s a shot from my application video…


Please, don’t make me show you the whole thing cause I’m kinda shy like that. I did it because it was an application requirement and because I could sit by my cute white Christmas tree. Isn’t she lovely? All dolled up with felted wool ponies. Handmade? But of course! Thanks, Mom. They were mostly mom-made, except after a quick lesson I made all of the weird-colored ones.

For my hands:

That brings me to my BIG New Year project, my brand new Etsy shop: Dappled Gray

wild horse curtains-1-2 - Copy
Why Dappled Gray? Well, you wouldn’t need to look far to figure out that the Gray part is in my bloodline. And dappled because dappled grays are my favorite. Horse, of course. Did you know that most gray horses turn white as they age? Well, I have this reoccurring dream – more of a meditative daydream that I take myself to when things get really rough, like, say during labor or a really bad war movie – I’m riding bareback and bridleless on a beautiful white horse somewhere lovely and open. It’s not a trail plod either, but we are really riding. And I would never really ride just any horse bareback and bridleless unless it were really broke. I’m not that crazy anymore. So I’m sure that my dream white horse is a baby dappled gray that I’ve raised, trained, and loved-well into a ripe old whited-haired age. In other words, Dappled Gray, it’s sort of my dream.

For now, it’ll take all of three seconds to browse around the shop since there are just a few items listed. I’d love it if you checked it out. Let me know what you think. I project there will be much more to come.

Here’s to a powerful 2014!

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