Start-up Strategies

What are you doing to get going this new year?

I’m asking myself this repeatedly.

December, 2013 started out a downer. I had trained hard and well for a personal best slaughtering marathon run. But Mother Nature’s ice and snow storm that hit central U.S. in early December left me shot down and stood up for what should have been a magical date between the St. Jude Memphis marathon and me. Reflecting upon my reaction to really a piddly thing has helped me to see that I find way too much of my identity in running.

Way too much.

I know that I run because I am able and I do enjoy it, but it’s just one small aspect of life, not life itself. So I’m starting out this year with a more mature perspective and looking forward to a balanced 2014. With a lot of this:

babe 9 mo-1

And a little more of this:

mt man panels-1

Not that 2013 was way out of whack, but I see room for improvement. I have running goals which I’m really excited about. But since the end of last year was sort of a bust, I feel like I’m starting all over. That actually feels really good. As I strategize for the year ahead I see myself spending more creative energy. I want to wake up more often with paint on my knees.

I want to keep the teacher in me sharp by teaching the babe some baby sign language. Mostly because I know it can’t hurt, right? We might both learn something.

Maybe I’ll also try to wrangle up some young’uns for a little All-Things-French day camp this summer. Can’t hurt either, right? Actually that could hurt. We’ll see.

Oh yeah, and more of this: maggio 12

That picture is so dreamy… and warm looking. More of this would mean riding for more than ten minutes. Pregnancy and new baby was hard on my riding. Something has got to give.

So today’s 17.5mi run has me thinking that we are off to a good start if we are starting from scratch. Momentum is building for a nice chunk of base training while targeting these races this year:

  • Psyco Wyco, KC, 50k trail race, KS Feb. 8
  • Carmel, IN Marathon, April 12
  • Dam to Dam 1/2 marathon, May 31
  • Grandma’s Marathon, Duluth MN June 21
  • Bix 7 Davenport, IA July
  • Des Moines Marathon, October

Trust me, there will be a whole bunch of life outside of running woven into these tentative dates. I look forward to all that is to come.

How about you, what are you doing to get going this new year?

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