Screw Shoes

What do you do for an icy race in 10deg(maybe) + 22 mph NW wind with nothing but shoes made for the roads?

screw shoes-1-4

Yep. Great shoes, but they’re smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I know that any of Altra’s trail-specific shoes would do the trick, but the race is tomorrow. I’m up a creek.

Solution: screws #rethinkrunning

screw shoes-1-3

I did not make this up. I’d heard of the idea and then found this tutorial from a reputable source. I figure I’ll try it on my older pair of Altra’s and trust that if it doesn’t work, I can just whip them out. No harm done.

So. With our trusty drill, elbow grease, and a couple dozen hex head screws, my shoes are now traction-ified.

screw shoes-1

I feel like a farrier.

screw shoes-1-2

They look kinda cute, too. Or maybe kind of badass fierce. #ZeroLimits

I’ll let you know how they work. Anyone else ever tried this?

3 thoughts on “Screw Shoes

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