Sprouts and other milestones

I recently met a French woman who’s new to town. She has a new BFF. Pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

She reminds me of all things French, which I love and some days long for.

Having been a French teacher for seven years and now staying home, one thing I’ve missed the most is…well, the French. I’ve missed the reason to keep learning, practicing, and speaking. Upon meeting ‘M’ I instantly knew that she was some sort of gift and an encouragement that yes, since I long for it, that means something. It’s exciting, too, to see my baby son listen to a French conversation and respond with that little head tilt akin to a puppy responding to a cute and mysterious noise. That’s me and French: cute and mysterious.

We hit another milestone here. At 10 months old. You’re becoming so bold.


You love to eat {no, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree}. You even put down a beet.

We won’t even finish that attempt at poetry. But the personality I see sprouting up in this little one is something else. Hilarious!


We’ve also been working on our first science experiment. sprout-1Sprouts. If you’ve never sprouted before, it’s really pretty easy. You soak your seed or grain overnight. (above)

sprouted rye-1

Keep them damp, rinsing them 2-3 times per day, and covered with something breathable like a tea towel in a spacious jar on its side.

sprouted muffin-1

Stone fruits and sprouted rye muffins. Recipe to come.



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