Screw Shoe Race Recap

Race: Local Race. Supposed to have been 2.5mi (altered 5k course) Garmin suggested closer to 2.3
Conditions: 30mph winds and 9deg.
Place: 1st female
Pace: 6:14

Besides the miserable cold, the race this morning was a really fun time.
This is my Tin Man warm up.

screw shoes-1-6

Felt very rusty, stiff, and claustrophobic wearing four shirts, a jacket, two pair of pants, tall socks etc. etc. For the race, I only shed the top layer of pants. I still felt a little Tin Man-ish. But then we turned into the wind. Wowza.

I also most definitely needed these…

screw shoes-1-5

They worked wonders.

About a third of the race was on a grass XC course. Where there wasn’t grass, there were compacted, iced-over snowdrifts. With my screw shoes, I was able to blow over them like no big deal; whereas, many people I spoke with afterwards said they had to be cautious over the ice.

And I know you’re wondering, did they poke? Yes, twice I felt something. Not a poke at all, but I just felt something, like one screw tapping at the ball of my foot. Nothing painful at all. So if I were to do it again, I’d look harder for 1/4″ screws which would be better than the 3/8″ screws that I used. I also might use a tiny bit thicker insoles. Altra provides various insoles and so using the Support Footbed instead of the Strengthen Footbed might do the trick. Really, two extra millimeters might be just enough.

So how did I do it? Again, I used this tutorial. But in short, here’s what I did:

screw shoes-1

I started by drilling pilot holes and then attaching the screws by hand with a screwdriver. That was ridiculously time-consuming. Upon arriving home from work, my physical therapist-runner-husband retrieved the appropriate sized hex head drill attachment and finished rest of the project in no time flat. I may be able to find and operate the drill, but I do not know where every single drill attachment lives. So if you want to do this, a drill makes the project much easier. That is if you have a hex-head drill attachment and that you can find it. Attaching the screws by hand will definitely drive you nuts. Sorry.

How many and where? A dozen seemed to do the trick. I was using older shoes and so in placing screws, I aimed for the worn tread. The worn spots are, of course, the parts that get the most use and those tend to be the slickest spots.

No real science to it. Just have fun and know that you can remove them if you screw up.

One last partial testimony: my same drill-expert-physical-therapist-stud-runner-husband was very dubious about the screw idea. Ultimately, he screwed his shoes, too, and after the race he agreed, “The screws were a good idea.”

Let me know if you try it in a comment below.


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