2014 Altra Ambassador!

Cool, Ma! {Because I always imagine him calling me ‘Ma’ when I’m thinking what he’s thinking.}

altra 1-2

Can I have some?

Yes. First learn to walk, then, yes.

Mmm-K… Yippee!

altra 1

A while back, I mentioned I’d applied to be an Altra Ambassador for the year. And guess what? …  I was chosen.

What does that mean?


It’s a symbiotic relationship. They provide me with a complimentary kit (shoes and other running paraphernalia) plus sweet deals on extra stuff for myself and immediate family (get to walking Buddy Boy). Then I run lots and lots in Altra shoes. And then I talk a bit about how they make me feel. I promise to give my straight-up opinion even though I’m being provided with free gear. Other than that, it’s great incentive to train hard and race well. Easier said than done. I’m putting in the miles and we’ll see where that takes me. Makes me think of this quote:

Unless you do Violence to yourself, you will not overcome vice. -Kempis



Thus far how does this make me feel?

I’ve run in Altra Zerodrop shoes for about two years. I have had three different models in that time. I wrote about my initial experiences with my first two pair here and here and here and here. But let me summarize my overall experience(s) and give some general thoughts.

Currently I’m training in the Torin. I LOVE them. They are my favorite!


Prior to, I was running in the Intuition 1.5, the racy-raspberry ones. Aesthetically, they are my favorite. All that sleek pink and hot black. But looks don’t matter so much when you need a bit more cushion, which I did. The Torin has helped me to run pain free after many, countless months of pain from a bipartite sesamoid bone. My husband tries to say it isn’t when I say it’s broken, but we have X-ray proof, and I distinctly remember the Burpee jump landing barefoot on concrete when I felt the POP in my foot. Anyway, it’s not quite right there because that eensy-weensy little bone in the ball of the foot doesn’t really heal when broken (or when “you were born that way” as is truly the case for some people). Whatever. The main thing is that, I feel good and can run. No problem. Well there are always other #runnerproblems but, you know, generally, no problem. This is why they are my favorite.

Some other general things:

  • These are not just any old running shoe. They are different. That means you must run differently. This takes time, training and typically some adjustment to your gait.
  • The ‘Zero Drop’ part means that there is no drop from heel down to toe which is the case for most shoes and most running shoes. Most running shoes are twice as thick at the heel than at the toe. So if you’re thinking you might like to try a more “barefoot” style of running, these would be nice for you.
  • However that barefoot transition can be tricky. Altra’s concept sort of bridges minimalist running with conventional footwear. Most people have spent most of their lives going about shod. It is really difficult to go “barefoot” without becoming injured. Altra shoes allow the body to run more naturally while maintaining some support to which we are accustomed after all of the years wearing shoes.  What this feels like is like you’re running barefoot on a cloud. Yummy. Really. If you got a chance to run on a cloud you’d for sure do it barefoot. Since we don’t go around running on clouds, it’s best to keep your feet supported while running with a more natural gait.
  • The toe box is definitely unique. The shoes are basically foot-shaped. That is the reasoning behind the unique toe box. It totally makes sense if you think about it. I’m also pretty sure that is one reason that the problem in the ball of my foot has subsided since running in these foot-shaped shoes. Makes sense. Call me crazy?

So in this shipment we received his and hers Lone Peaks. I had seen the men’s Lone Peaks out and about and on feet around town. I was already thinking they are the most beautiful running shoe ever.


I snagged the pair for my husband as a belated Valentine’s gift. Fitting? That’s true love. Now he’s taking them on a snowboard-snowshoe-ski trip to Missoula with some buddies. No, him gallivanting and me staying home, now that’s true love.

icy snow8-1-3

I’ll be home using my Lone Peaks on some lovely gravel road. That’s okay, too.


What are your favorite running shoes ever?



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