Fresh Air Adventure in Lone Peaks

Ma, let’s go on an adventure.


Sledding? Horses? Kitties?


Not exactly what I had in mind?

This is more like it…


Mama Kitty, you wanna ride this train?



Now let’s go find the horses.

Maggio, there’s no hiding from this cowboy, not even behind that dried up queen anne’s lace.


Nor for you, Rio…


Giddy up. Let’s ride.



Yee Haw, Ma!


I like the looks of Rio’s face. He’s a good guy. And, Ma, I like your orange shoes, too.


As do I, son. As do I.

This little sled and horse adventure was a perfect culmination to my Lone Peak trial run. During naptime I got to get out and cruise in them. They are sweet. 11 miles fresh out of the box with no problems. The lugs (tread) were nice over patches of packed snow / ice / mud on the gravel. They seem to have just the right amount of luginess. The tread is not too much to add a bunch of bulk, but it’s luggy enough to do their grippy job. I look forward to using these for more gravel road running. They also evidently work perfectly for pony rides and sled-pulling. #ZeroLimits

I did notice that they tend to run a tad larger than the Torin and Intutition. Or maybe it’s just me? But I found myself cinching them up a lot more than my other shoes. So if you’re on the bubble size-wise, I would perhaps size down.

Next, I’ll be sharing one other new discovery… Quinoa B12 Baby Breakfast! But it’s not just for babies. So get ready.


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