1 Year of Motherhood

Today was so significant it felt like my own birthday. I guess it was my birth  day in a sense. My wee babe turned one year old. He is quite the guy. He has taught me so much. Yeah, I don’t even know where to begin with that. Patience? Wow, yes, I am lacking in that department but growing day by day. Speed of life? We’re learning less is more and how to muddle our way through crazy times with smiles on our faces and each other to hold. Physically? I’m feeling optimistic about a quick marathon in a few weeks. Training, however, is now much more complex. But I love having this little person to plan runs around because it brings more meaning and joy to everything.

The simple things are the best like getting to sit and giggle before breakfast every morning…

w 1-4

Our house is not normally decorated with balloons and bunting. We had friends and family here to celebrate with us and this big guy. So I just wanted to share some snippets of our festivities. And the cake of course.

w 1-5

Pull-apart cupcake horsey cake. It’s kind of folksy. Kinda adorable. Adorable in a folksy sort of way.

For variety I used two different cupcake recipes: chocolate-beet and maple-almond with a maple buttercream frosting. To some of the frosting I added cocoa for brown legs and tail. I incorporated lots of maple since he is a maple-sugaring-March baby. Then the darker chocolate detail (if you can call that detail!?) is just melted chocolate chips with a teeny bit of Silk soy creamer.

Fun to make.

w 1-8

Even more fun to eat.

w 1-6

Definitely. More fun to eat.

w 1-7

Happy birthday, Big Guy.

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