Marathon Recovery Week and a Grand Blue Mile

Ten days since I ran my most recent marathon.  Here’s a little run down of my mileage and post-marathon workouts:

  • Mileage: 35 (less than half of a typical training load week)
  • Strength training: two lower body strength workouts on “harder” days where I incorporated some strides and sprints, and then two upper body days on recovery days. This will be my strength plan from here until about two weeks before Grandma’s Marathon.
  • Pilates: two Pilates sessions and two yoga sessions.
  • Rehab: foam roller on legs and particular sore spots about every other day

All that and I’m feeling pretty good.

grand blue mile1

So we headed to the Big Town yesterday for the Grand Blue Mile. Des Moines is such the fantastic city!

grand blue mile

I’ve never raced the Grand Blue Mile but have always wanted to, and ten days after a marathon seems like a good time to race a mile, right?

For pre-race I put in a 1.5 mile jog with some walking before that. Starting slooowly is a key to a good warm up I’ve found. Then I did three 400s and a couple of 200s with some rest / jog / stretching in between each. Then within about 15 minutes of the race there was a lot of lingering, waiting for the start, strides and milling around the Sculpture Park. (see above)

grand blue mile1-4

I started with some friends and teammates. And then, basically… the race was over.

There was some jumbotroning, which was pretty cool. This made it easier to spectate since the race really was over in a flash.

grand blue mile1-6

This picture is probably sometime in the first half of the race, where the three of us were pretty well neck-n-neck. Those two fast fillies passed me as we hit half-way and as my legs and lungs started to scream.

Somewhere around 3/4 mile I dug into the recesses of my other gears and found one more. I managed to pull into second place. That is where I finished.

grand blue mile1-9

This is me saying, “Holy Cow! What just happened?” Seriously, I’m confident I was saying those words at that very moment.

Again, I love Des Moines, the events it puts on, and its people.

grand blue mile1-10

And as always, I feel at home running with Runablaze Iowa teammates!

grand blue mile1-11

After our race were the women’s and men’s US road mile championships for the super big dogs. So fun to watch! See the women again on the jumbotron over Big Boy’s backpack?

Fun evening and fun way to get over a marathon real quick. Next up a 10k this Sunday. Whew.


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