Unremarkable 10k race and a crazy new half-marathon goal

After a weather delay, the Hy-Vee road races were off and running Sunday morning.

drake 10k-3

There was the half-marathon, the 10k, and the 5k. Just two weeks after a marathon, I figured a 10k would be just right. It was.

drake 10k-2

But it was only just fine.

drake 10k

I practically ran exactly the same time as my last 10k; however a personal best is a personal best, so I’ll gladly take the 10 second PR. But all in all, it was a pretty unremarkable race for me. And I’m kind of excited about that, here’s why…

Last fall, I ran a 10k pretty hard. It felt hard and like I was really giving it all I had.

week 9-1

Then a month later, I ran a half-marathon where my goal time and pace were the same as that 10k. I totally knew I was crazy to think that I could run over twice the distance (13.1 mi vs. 6.2 mi) a the same speed. But in the end, I did.

Des Moines Half-137


Yesterday I felt sluggish – I guess that is to be expected after three relatively big races in two weeks – but recovering from this run, I feel like I did nothing. I know, I probably should have pushed it harder. What’s done is done. Anyway, I’m running another half-marathon in four weeks, so my goal is to treat that half the same as my last half-marathon last fall and attack it at the same pace as this 10k. It will be fast (for me) as it should be, and I have some work to do in the next few weeks to get ready, but I’m excited. It will mean going from about a 6:24 pace (previous half-marathon) to a 6:10. Crazy. I know! But I won’t be limited by my previous performances. I am willing to lay it out there and tell myself not to fear going faster than I ever have before. Fear can screw up lots of things. So let’s get after it…

And how about you… any new, fearless goals for you this year?

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