May – no news

So far May has been quiet. Quiet and lovely.

I have no real point to share other than a few simple happenings that make me really happy. I’ll start with Tulip Time…

tulip time 14-2

Yes, this makes me so happy.

As does this…

tulip time 14

Tulips with friends and family.

Good stuff.

Recently, also, it was nice to learn that the freaky green-eyed stray cat licking the bone meal off of my straw bale garden is actually very friendly. I might just keep her. Or just feed her something other than bone meal.

straw bale garden

Plus, seeing leeks growing out of a straw bale in my back yard makes me reeeaaalllly happy. I love leeks. Like, a lot.

Hmmm… what else?

I tried a new, almost-as-freaky-as-the-cat’s-peridot-green-eyes recipe: frothy lettuce soup served over onion custard.

spring14 foods

I don’t have ramekins, so my custard I steamed in mugs. I think it best if this is as close as I’ll get you to it because it did look like puree of lawn clippings. BUT, it was very tasty. I challenge you, too, to try an interesting or unique recipe. It’s fun to spend extra time preparing something a bit wacky every once in a while.

Finally, this is pretty big time, I found a new favorite pair of running socks. I was in my old stomping grounds of Ankeny, Iowa to visit a dear former French teacher colleague, and I stopped into the local bike/running shoe store, Kyle’s Bikes, to see what was new. I wanted to try on some of the newest models of Altra shoes to see how things fit. Like many of you, I find it hard to find just the right fit of shoes and socks. I’m probably more particular about socks. Blisters plague me and always have. Anyway, my most exciting find were these socks…


I’ve run in the several times this week, to include a 20 mile run, and my feet have never felt better. Not sure what it is, but I just think that giving my big toe it’s own space to dominate and then hugging the other toes together makes for a winning combination. It’s like there is less squeezing. Or something like that. They are pretty thin, not ultra thin, but thin enough for this thin-sock fanatic. Compared to “traditional” five-toed toe socks, which I run in sometimes, these are better. For me, they are better.

Oh and having Bill the Kyle’s Bikes shoe expert tell me that he has shared this picture from the Carmel Marathon exhibiting decent, neutral foot strike with lots of customers just makes me so happy. Happy to maybe somehow help another runner out.

carmel marathon14-3I guess that should do it for now. Here’s to a happy May.


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