Birds, bales, and baby bunnies

You may have caught a glimpse of our straw bale garden the other day. I would explain, but there is too much. Google it.

Well it is working masterfully. We have a nice crop of arugula sprouting up.

Next to it there’s a hearty patch of long leaf spinach.

Just below that we have our mound of… baby bunnies.

baby bunnies

Yeah. Umm? What do I do with that?

What a smart mama. Burrow a hole between two bales and hatch her eight (maybe more) babies in there.

baby bunnies-2

They are cute. Until they get a taste for arugula. Then we lay the baby bunny smack down!

So here’s something to try if you actually want to lure in some wildlife:

Half an orange.

Nail it to your deck (or I’ve heard you can string it from a tree).

Wait a couple of days, maybe less, and voila, your own Baltimore Oriole sanctuary.


Isn’t he stunning?


He knows it, too.


Eat up.


Or drink up, whatever the case may be.


Come back soon.


Really, there’s no hiding in there.

Anybody else get big kicks from little things like this, or is it just me?

I mean, seeing a pair of bluebirds on a run the other day was a highlight from the run. It’s the little things.


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