A Quick Photo Update

You know that feeling when it seems like not much is going on, yet everything is going on?

Well, that’s where we’re at.

So here are some pictures to document the life that’s happening before my eyes:


I just received two huge gifts this week: One, my Japanese Iris bloomed (What a darling beauty! And I just planted it a couple of weeks ago, hearty girl!). And two, my Altra One^2 shoes came this week. Just in time for Dam to Dam!

Plus, the Altra Santa Claus tossed in some socks which are super sweet. I’ve been running in these other socks, which I still love, but for a more traditional toe arrangement, I’m loving these Altra socks. The Basic Run Sock is nice, no, very nice and has a good amount of cushion. The Endurer No-Show Anatomical Run Sock has a specific right/left which gives a more contoured fit that makes a lot of sense. They are nice and thin, too. Huge bonus. Both pair have more space around the toes which I find noticeably more comfortable than other running socks. I’m particular about my toes and my socks. I like everything to line up and not be too squishy; thus this extra space is very welcomed.

Yep, I’ll be rockin these shoes and socks (the thinner ones) in this weekend’s half-marathon.

Oh… But let’s think about something else…

…like arugula, buttercrunch lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage! I could go on and on. This straw bale gardening is so fun. It’s a sweet science experiment in our own backyard. I do look forward to things filling out more so as to camouflage the decomposing bales a little more, but we have very, very understanding neighbors and they seem to enjoy watching our garden grow.

Oh yes, and cukes and Impatients (I hear Impatients deter rabbits; we’ll see about that…)


And if the baker’s dozen straw bales weren’t enough, we’ve added four raised bed featuring square foot gardening. I’m in love with this space. I think I might be camping out here sometime on rabbit night duty. Reminds me of sleeping out under the stars as a teenager on the farm next to our itty bitty baby chicks to protect them from wild tom cats or raccoons or carnivorous rabbits. This time it’s: “Protect my kale from ferocious rabbits!”
20140528-160212-57732220.jpgStill not wanting to think about that half-marathon in less than 36 hours.

How about a cute baby because a friend asked me on a whim to photograph her daughter.

But of course!




We think they turned out smashingly. What do you think?

Thanks for taking a stroll with me in my garden and now it’s time for me to go do some foam rolling because eventually this half-marathon will be upon me. Bring it on.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Photo Update

  1. I’m with you about the rabbits. I went to my pallet strawberry patch and one was pulled up and the others chewed on 😦 Good luck in the Dam to Dam. Maybe you’ll see Darin…who hasn’t hardly trained, except maybe one 8 mile run.

    • Poor strawberries! And no fun not to get to reap the strawberry bounty. I hope the rabbits share some of them. I’ll look for you Saturday. I’m on the other end of the spectrum, hoping my 20-miler last Saturday doesn’t add too many bricks to my back as I run. Whatever will be…

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