How to celebrate National Running Day

Today is National Running Day. And a great day for a run it has been.

Two of us celebrated with a 10-miler to and from storytime at our local conversation center.

20140604-145114-53474206.jpgSorry for how backlit this picture is. And for how big my face is. But this way you can see how much this youngster loves a good long run!

Now, you want to know how to make a runner’s day on National Running Day? Or on any day for that matter.

Well, I will tell you.

Nearing the end of our run we stopped in at our local decorating store, Strand’s, to pick up some paint samples. We’re looking to repaint a bathroom. Plus, I like any excuse to make a run into a “running errands” run. When I reached for the door, I recognized the woman who was just about to leave and head out the door too. She happened to be a yoga participant at the yoga class where I sub every oncet-in-a-while but not someone I see very often. I did, however, also just happen to randomly pass her yesterday morning on my early morning run. It was still rather dark out. She was enjoying a peaceful early morning walk. I was high-tailing it to get back before my husband needed to take off for work. I barely recognized her and I remembered I just said my usual “Morning” as I do to any passerby.

She held the door for us and this time I definitely recognized her. Feeling sheepish because I knew she, a seasoned yogi, would recognize me as the yoga sub, and I’m never very confident in my yoga-teaching skills. We exchanged smiley “Hellos” and then she just said, “You know, when I saw you yesterday morning running, you were just so beautiful. When you run, you’re so strong and beautiful.”

Whaaa? Me? You must have seen someone else?

But she was so serious. Almost adamant. She seemed relieved, too, to have seen me there and to be able to tell me that.

Befuddled, I thanked her.

She also thanked me for a couple of very enjoyable yoga classes.

Whew! Also a surprise.

We small-chatted a bit more and then we were off. But she really made this runner-gal’s day.

Like, really.

Because when I run what I see in me is all the negative. Massive calves. Over-sized hamstrings. Wimpy quads. Cellulite. Loose mommy skin. Frizzy hair.

You get my mental picture?

I definitely don’t usually see beauty.

Green Bay trees

So to you runners on National Running Day, you are beautiful!

Get out there, enjoy some miles and tell a runner she’s beautiful.


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