A run down of our 4th

I hope your Fourth was wonderful!

Ours started off with our favorite 5k.


These guys do a 5k right.

So if you ever want to race on the 4th of July in central Iowa check out the Sully Freedom Fun Run.

And they put on the cutest kids’ Fun Run too!


I’m just sure he was saying, “Beat the kid with the paci!”


We had so much fun helping him “run” his first race.

4th3 4th4

He was pretty thrilled, too.


And excited to help Grandpa receive his age-group medal.


So there was the run.

And oh yes, mine was an 18:26 5k. My best is closer to 18 minutes flat, so I have some speed to work on this summer. I think 5ks are a really good gauge for fitness level and a good way to estimate your VO2 Max.

Anyway, we followed our run with wine tasting here in lieu of the parade. We aren’t much for firetruck sirens or candy. I know, Party-Poopers! But we had the winery to ourselves, so it was all good.

Then we spent afternoon on the farm to include a strength workout for me(body-weight exercises: squats, push-ups, lunges, single-leg squats, etc.) and an additional 6.5 mile run to make it an 11 mile day.

But it also included a nice ride with my guy and other two guys, Chief and Maggio


For the past couple of weeks since Grandma’s I’ve been in the midst of some down time for training. I’m not really good at taking time off but I’m trying to give myself a little rest before diving back into hard training. I’ll soon be gearing up to get ready for my next marathon, Des Moines in October.

Here’s to a healthy summer!


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