Beets, 100 miles and a Fattie

“I drank my half a gallon of beet juice this morning.”

I said this nonchalantly about one-mile into this weekend’s 19-mile run.

19mi-05“Half a gal…!” He shrieked from his fat-bike.


My pacer. My training buddy. My husband. I love to shock him.

“Ha!” I smile.

“Not actually a half a gallon,” I interrupted, “but it felt and tasted like half a gallon.”

Over the gravely hills and through the shaded woods, we continued on miles 82-100 for the week.

One more mile easy before two sets of two miles at tempo pace, 6:15.


“It was about two cups, probably a little less.” And I told him of my plan to experiment with eating more beets and beet juice in these ten days before my half marathon next weekend.

Then we began my first two miles at tempo.


Just my labored breathing.

Two miles done.

Three minutes rest.

So, I quickly explained how after posting this Instagram pic…


…a high school runner-friend messaged me about whether I thought the beets actually help increase stamina in endurance running. Some studies have shown that perhaps the nitrates in the beets may increase nitric oxide in the body, increasing oxygenation of the blood. Hum? Who knows? Maybe?

Three minutes up and I’m off again. This time I start off having to power up a huge hill.

“Hills are like moving one legged squats,” I remind myself. Doesn’t make the hill any less unpleasant.

Crest the hill and start the down.

He stops his Fattie which, he says, rides perfectly on the soggy and soft, wet gravel.

The downhill must be good. He captures me in almost mid-smirk.


Two more tempo miles done. Pace is a little off but we chalk that up to the incessant hills.

Time for nine miles a bit more relaxed. We settle in.

My Garmin refused to load satellites this morning. Broken after several years and countless miles. So I’m running blind for pace, but I have a pretty good feel for what my paces should be. He keeps track from the bike anyway. We chat about vacation plans, my new-found favorite culinary skill of lacto-fermentation, and that makes me think of those beets again.

Oh yeah, my plan is to eat or drink two beets worth every day for 10 days leading up to this coming Saturday, when I have a half marathon. I’ll use a combination of Biotta Beet Juice because it’s quick and easy and I can find it at the store. And I’ll of course use my own beet crop for salads, roasted beets, lacto-fermented “pickled” beets, and maybe even a beet desert or two.

Wow, those nine miles went too fast. We hit mile 15; time for the final four miles of 19 at race pace.

Those miles are hard. I’m not smirking in the least. I do notice that whether or not the beets, after three days of increased consumption, help a whole lot, they sure don’t seem to hurt. My stomach feels good. I get myself over the final five hills and finish out the last four miles hard. 19 miles in 2:15, an average of 7:05 per mile.

Long run, done.

Second one-hundred mile week, done.

Ready to see how hard I can race a half in a week.

Bring on the beets.



Beet recipe ideas:

Raw beet and carrot salad

Beet Cupcakes

Have a favorite beet recipe, please share in a comment below…


7 thoughts on “Beets, 100 miles and a Fattie

    • Thanks! It was a beautiful morning and a great run! I haven’t tried the Olympus but know a ton of people who have. Haven’t heard a single bad thing about them. I run mostly in the Torin 1.5 (pictured) I love them!!! I think I like them so well because they are just actually pretty basic not ultra light and not super max cushion, just in between. They are heavenly to run in for all distances. I typically do, however, race in the One^2. They are wonderful too. I just like to train in a bit heavier of a shoe. Hope that helps. Oh and I would order them straight from the Altra website, free shipping, free returns. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  1. 2nd hundred mile week? As in back to back, was number one completed a while back? I would tell you what I am averaging a week, but that would only be a little longer than your long runs. I am also on my 2nd pair of Altra’s (ok not officially yet, but they are here sitting in the box).

    • One 75 mile week in between, which should’ve been longer but I got sick that week unfortunately. And I think I probably got sick because I had run so many miles. But I’m getting things figured out and the second hundred mile week felt really good. I’m glad you’re liking the shoes. Keep running hard!

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