Sunday Stats

Showing up today with some quick stats from the past seven days.

Races run: 2

oktemberfest14-4A 10-mile Sunday in 1:01:30 and a 10k yesterday in 38:20 (Garmin says long course 6.4mi, but who’s counting?)

Times I made crock-pot lemon chicken: 4

lemon chickenI may have lost count after the third attempt, but I think it was four times? I’m not crazy for lemon chicken, but I have been enjoying some freelance work as a recipe analyst. I work to improve recipes but keep macronutrients the same. It’s fun.

Miles run: 90


It was a light week. 100 each week for the past two, so I dipped down 10%. Back up to 100 this week. I love it.

Miles run on the track: no clue

2014-09-28 19.11.32I could count them, but I don’t care to because I love those miles too.

So does Big Guy.

2014-09-28 19.20.24Minutes of Pilates: 230

Chin-ups: 50

Moments spent a la terrasse with a French friend and her parents: nowhere near long enough

photo chez marieBike races: 0


Zero for me. Thank-goodness. But I gladly led the cheer squad for my husband’s first criterium. I enjoyed every minute of seeing him enjoy every minute of his ride. Providing the cheesecake and sparkling water to celebrate with friends was pretty nice to boot.

All in a good week’s work.



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