Ranch. Riding. Returning to Reality.

Just spent part of a week here  CO14 music meadows-2and I’m blaming this view for making it so hard to return to reality.

Vacations don’t come around too often, right? When they do, it’s nice for them to turn out this good.

Our agenda: a few days visiting family near Boulder and a few days at Music Meadows Ranch. It’s nice when the plan turns out as planned. Or maybe even a little better than planned, since I felt like I’d been run over by a truck full of fun on Monday morning after getting home.

I did my best to get as much time over 6000 ft. I know that I react to altitude. At least, in the past I have reacted pretty negatively to altitude. I tend to get sick – headaches, dizziness, generally feeling nasty, etc. – each time upon day 2-3 of arrival at any elevation over 7500 ft. I figure, if altitude is that hard on me, then even a week of thin air should be good for my running fitness. Let’s hope.

imageBesides getting in some beautiful trail runs…

We hiked


Our “Blood Moon Hike” up Green Mountain (with my husband, dad and cousin). Nothing like getting up at 4:30 to see a beautiful moon, eclipse and end up with that view.

We played with rocks

green mt-2My attempt at a Green Mt. crow.

green mt-4

And my add for: “watch out for falling rocks”

We also enjoyed every minute of our time on the ranch.

From bringing in the horses…

CO14 music meadows-3

CO14 music meadows-4

..to twisting my mom’s arm into a saddle and a ride with the family. Yee Haw.

music meadows mom

…to even cooling down with the horses after a run (thus proving that I wore the same shirt every single day).

CO14 music meadows

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and our experiences.

colony hike


mmride3mmride2mmI did pack one other shirt.

So I hope that when you get the chance to get away, you make the most of it.

Now it’s time to make the most of the training (and the rest) and get ready for a half marathon this weekend.


I’ll be thinking of you, horses.


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