The wind before the race

Lying here listening to the wind, I try to make myself think it doesn’t sound so bad. But 20 miles per hour is like a wall when you try to run almost 10 miles per hour into it.

So here we are.

I feel quite well prepped. The Indy Monumental Marathon is thus far the best organized race I’ve participated in as a “elite” and I feel ready to race. Ready to hit it hard. But it’s hard not to think about that wall.

I spent all week taking two French friends around central Iowa, playing tour guide and it was really fun.


Little Baby Boy and I really loved our time with them. And he may now know more French words than English.

Oh… but there’s that howling wind again.

I keep reminding myself to stick to the plan. Hit it hard and no matter what it will be a good training run. As for what kind of race it will be? Well, the playing field is level. We all have the same sub-freezing start and 18-19mph north wind to swallow for the majority of the first 14 miles.

Ouuu, that was a good gust!

Since signing up for this race, I’ve held it with a pretty loose grip. A really good friend made the trip with me yesterday and the first record broken was how fast we got here. Without even speeding (75/70 is hardly speeding) we drove the 500 miles in 6.5 hours, a trip that usually takes about 7-8hrs. The fact is that when you drive with a friend with whom you don’t get to talk a lot, well, time flies. So I left the rest of my family at home and that was a good decision.

I had thought that this race would be one of three extremes:

1. A DNF because I hit the first 20 miles so hard and that was it. Not planning on that being the case. But now, the wind… Don’t worry, I don’t plan on not finishing. Kind of an “over my dead body” mentality there. I will finish.

2. A mind-blowing PR

3. A mind-blowing PR and a sub-2:43 marathon, which would be an Olympic Trials qualifying time.

No matter what, it will be extreme. It will be good training and good practice. It may very well be one of those three extremes above, but whatever. Whatever!

Time for me to get up out of this cozy bed and get ready to run…

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