Motivational Monday: seeing is believing

Enjoying your Monday? Hope so.

It’s frickin’ freezing here.

You too?

Well, we’re still gonna find ways to enjoy smoothies, no matter how cold it is outside.

smoothieHere’s a simple and lovely recipe for a Beautiful Berry Smoothie

  • 1 large banana, frozen
  • 1 c. frozen mixed berries
  • ¾ c. milk of choice
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (or vegan protein powder, again, your choice)
  • berries for garnish


  • Peel banana and cut into thirds. Freeze until frozen solid. (An hour or more).
  • In a blender, add frozen banana chunks, mixed berries, milk and protein powder.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Share for a snack or enjoy all by yourself for more of a meal.
  • Garnish with a few additional berries.smoothie-2

Besides drawing lots of good, clean energy from these pretty and pretty tasty smoothies, I spent several hours this weekend (well, actually about two hours of treadmill running) looking ahead and planning my training for the first few months of 2015. As per usual I was reading a lot from world-class and Italian coach Renato Canova. I just love him. If I could meet him one day, I would hug him like a grandpa. He just seems like that kinda guy.

I was reading an article during about miles 9-16 of a marathon-pace-specific long treadmill run… Listen: fear not the treadmill, people. It’s nowhere near as bad as it can be made out to be. I have to hold my tongue when I hear treadmill haters. But in my head I’m thinking, “you just can’t stand the treadmill because your mind is not creative enough to entertain you while you run.”

Whoops, did I just say that?

I digress.

Soooo… Canova was speaking about observing Kenyan runners where he spends a lot of time coaching. Watching hundreds of runners doing track workouts and long fast runs, he said, “…you start to think it’s possible running fast for you, too. The secret is to make in your mind possible what was not possible before. The secret is to make easy what was difficult, instead to make difficult what really is easy.”

I read things like this that Canova has said and are the exact same things that I’ve thought.

It’s weird.

This is why I’ve connected so well with his ideas.

In the past, I’ve used other runners that I grew up around as a barometer for what I “should” be able to do. For instance, I know of a gal – we are contemporaries – we never raced in high school but we were racing at the same time. Make sense? You know, different school sizes, so we never actually raced each other. I knew relatively what times she ran in high school, and compared to myself, she was actually slower. But then in recent years, she’d been hitting low 2:40s in the marathon. For several years I’ve followed her and thought, “maybe it’s possible for me to run that fast, too.” Even when I felt (and truly was) completely under-trained and under-prepared to do so, I believed that maybe what I’m not able to do right now, I will someday be able to do.

So in running and in life here’s a motivational Monday tidbit…

The secret is to make in your mind possible what was not possible before. The secret is to make easy what was difficult, instead to make difficult what really is easy. ~Renato Canova

Read more on my love for the treadmill here and another frickin’ freezing but awesome smoothie here.

You may disagree with me on what it takes to be a treadmill hater, if so leave a comment about your treadmill relationship…

And once again, happy Monday and be motivated!



5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: seeing is believing

  1. Sure it’s cold, but the smoothie sounds good!

    I have to confess to being a treadmill hater. My max run on one is 7 miles. But I can do doubles! I just need a mental break..

    That is a great quote. I must give the TM another try. On an icy day 🙂

    • You have the Pacific NW at your fingertips. I’d be a hater too. Here it’s 10 degrees, maybe less, and completely ice-covered out. The TM is absolute freedom for me. And mentally I think you get to mile 7 and think, “Well, 8 wouldn’t be so bad.” Then you get to 9 and say the same thing. Before you know it, you’re 17 miles in and thinking, “that wasn’t so bad at all.” I have my own treadmill too, so that makes it even more lovely. It would be a slightly different story if I had to get in the car and drive somewhere to use one. Anyway. Thanks, Raina, for stopping by! Heal up! ~Susie

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