Monday motivation: be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods

Glancing the other day over a list of radical goals I jotted down earlier in the year made me stop and think.

Actually, I should say us because now these two felines follow me everywhere.

2014-11-30 15.08.40

They even help keep me motivated to blog.

2014-11-30 15.03.37

Don’t know that computer work will ever happen again without at least one, if not two cats, to keep me warm.

Those paws!  Aww.

Never mind that, my thought was, “What the…!? How the heck has that and that and that actually happened?”

I’m talking ridiculously wild and crazy stuff!

Then I realized it comes down to goals themselves.

So, the HOW was right there in front of me.

Start with setting the goal but then act upon it by producing ways to achieve it.

Be STUBBORN about your goals and FLEXIBLE about your methods.

If a goal is worth considering then it’s worth trying to figure out the best way to make it happen. Of course, the first attempt at something isn’t necessarily the best way. You may need to tweak how you work to achieve the goal.

This can work for any goal: business, physical, relational, spiritual, whatever.

  1. Put the plans to the pencil and the pencil to the paper.
  2. Break it down.
  3. What smaller goals need to happen to get to the larger goal?
  4. Write down the steps and work on some aspect of the goal each day.
  5. Prepare to be flexible about your methods as you go.

Then you realize your methods are working when you hit a turning point.

Looking back, I can think of several turning points where I know my methods evolved.

Grandma’s marathon flop. 


The marathon herself left me feeling like whatever I had been doing up to that point was not working. I needed to try something new. I sat in this sunny spot after the race enjoying Lake Superior with friends and family. Here, I realized I needed to race a marathon where I would go for broke for 20 miles and see if that could help me to break out from the pace that I always ended up running.

Four months later, this marathon race happened and I qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon.

My first 100 mile week.

100mi wk

Tired legs. Fatigued feet. These last few miles hurt physically but by running my first 100-mile week, I tapped into recesses of my mental fortitude that I needed to awaken in order to later race better than ever before.

A necessary change.

Doubling up and going low-carb.

ok 14

I am not normally a low-carb gal. But, I remember the afternoon after this race even better than this finishing photo. The morning consisted of this PR 10k plus an additional 8-mile run. In the afternoon of the same day, I planned another 8-mile progression run where I would start out around 7:00 min/mile and ramp up to 6:00 min/mi for the final miles. The catch was that in the morning and in between the runs, I didn’t have any carbohydrates; I just ran off of water and vegetables.


The reason I tried this new method was to cause the body to work off of existing fat stores and learn to better burn fuel already stored instead of just running off of bananas and Gatorade (which I never drink, so maybe Skratch, which I love, is a better example).

I ran that afternoon run on the treadmill because it was during nap-time and my husband was prepping for a bike race. I can still remember the magnitude of sweat pouring off of me. To give you an idea, I could have peed my pants and you wouldn’t have been able to tell what was what. In the final couple of miles, the thought crossed my mind even to attach the safety key, which I never do, because I feared that I would actually pass out, fall onto the treadmill belt whizzing away at 10 mph and be sliced to pieces.

I didn’t pass out.

I finished the run in one piece.

And I think I finished that 22-mile-day just a few steps closer to my goals.

These are just three examples that I thought of when I thought, how true: “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.”

Because sometimes we just need to try something new.

I don’t believe it takes a ton of crazy-new methods to make a difference.

A little can go a long way.

The majority of the time it works to stick to the familiar.

2014-11-30 15.05.15

Like your favorite run on your favorite gravel roads.

tgiving 14-3

Be motivated!



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