A quick touch base pre-race

Touched down in Sacramento and immediately noticed how chewy and hot the air is.


I love it.

Reminds me of my basement.

All of those countless miles run there.


Familiarity is nice even if in the form of basement air.

For real, I’m excited the start temperature is likely to be in the low 50s. Sounds nice.

I was however burning up from all the wool I packed.

Is it normal to make three cowls in one day?

That was my day. Lots o’ knitting.

And, as I expected, all that purling is good for the mind.



Because though the pressure is off, there is still this aspect of “well, this is silly!” since the very reason I signed up for this race was to see about qualifying for the Olympic trials.

Whelp, that’s done.

So the mental aspect of this prerace is really whacked out.


I know the race is in front of me for a reason, and so I’m going to enjoy all of it.

I mean everything… like, local rose petal kombucha from our layover in Denver.

And now we’re settled into our swanky hotel, which is a stones throw from a Starbucks and a Whole Foods.

Things are really looking up.

Wish me luck…

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