Monday motivation: renewal

“Things are always better in the morning.”

No kidding, I chose to share this Harper Lee quote before yesterday’s race happened.

The race was one that I should want to forget, but it was, after all, memorable. Not good, but memorable.

Here are some quick shots from the race warm up:

20141207-212127-76887938.jpgBut, now that it’s in the books, the quote is even more fitting.

I mean, this was as much of a smile I could muster at the finish. 20141207-212132-76892198.jpg
Meh, that was pretty bad.


Things probably really are better in the morning.


Hope you’re feeling rejuvenated this morning.

Me well, yeaterday I ran 12 minutes slower than my best 5 weeks ago.

If that sounds bad, it is and was

Hard. To. Swallow.

For as bad as that race wreaked, it was pretty motivating.

I’m motivated to…
Rerun – ending my 2014 season with a flop makes me thrilled to train for a better next race.
Run hills – I handled poorly the rolling ascents and pounding of the net downhill course.
Recover carefully – I didn’t expect my previous race to go so well, nor did I expect this race to go so, SO poorly. But, recovery in between marathons was tricky. While I may have thought I felt recovered, I probably wasn’t. That added to the lead weight feeling in the legs the entire race.
Feast carefully – I’m sure that in celebration (over race victories and holiday festivities) I let my guard down. Being wholly transparent, I probably packed on a good pound since the last race. Not good.
Continue – I don’t feel discouraged because I know this race wasn’t “me” and that I am the 2:42 marathoner that I was five weeks ago. I’m motivated to continue to train hard and figure out ways to improve but after a few weeks off.

So, today’s the day that starts a quick bit of rest for me. Maybe get rid of this blister that looks strangely like a Jelly Bean wedged between my toes.

I hope to relax, recharge, restore and start to feel some sort of renewal.

Be renewed, it’s a new day!


6 thoughts on “Monday motivation: renewal

  1. Everyone says that CIM is a fast race, but the rollers are pretty long and they take away the net downhill impact. I have a negative view because it was also below freezing the entire race when I ran it last year, was underdressed, and had a horrible race. I regrouped and this year has been beyond expectations. BTW, were you wearing long sleeves for the race?

    • Thanks, Robert. So glad you had a good race! Yay!

      I was excited to see a couple of gals from various parts around the country that I’ve followed who have been trying to qualify for the Trials, get that done! It’s fun to celebrate with others even if I didn’t have such a good race.

      I agree, it is a hilly course and I just wasn’t prepared for that. But really, there are about a thousand little factors that all piled up into one bad race. Taking the lessons learned and moving forward…

      And no, I didn’t wear long sleeves. But, it does look like that from the pics! Ha! The weather was really nice, right?

      • Sorry for the confusion, but I did not run CIM this year. But I had friends who ran and the weather looked good, so I was wondering about the sleeves. I just meant to say that I had a good year overall of running after CIM 2013, because to overcome all the little factors I looked for a way to train much harder. Of course, I am still no where near your speed :).

    • Ah, gotcha. That makes sense and makes me look forward to looking ahead even more. Good not to let one race spoil a season or period of training. And yes, it was really nice in terms of weather. No fun being cold when you are working hard and running a marathon. Last year sounded very tough. Really glad this year proved to be better all around for you. Keep it up!

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