Yikes, that face…

Suffice it to say, last weekend’s marathon race in Sacramento was painfully poor.

You can see it in my face.


No, really, look at my face!


Shame to miss all those amazing palm trees running the last three miles with eyes closed.

That’s the face of pure frustration.


           Misery, even.

Disappointment, for sure.


Hey, what can you do?!

So why the frustration?

My mind and lungs were so frustrated with my legs. I felt disconnected top to bottom. My lungs wanted to do more. They wanted to work. But, my legs refused any push to push it.

Why so annoyed?

I had family there to support me; it was annoying to have such a bad race with such a great crew of support. Annoying.


All marathons are miserable for at least a little while. It’s the name of the game. No surprise there.

Why was I so disappointed?

After running a Trials qualifying marathon five weeks ago, I supposed this one would for sure be at least about the same pace, maybe a titch faster. Seems “automatic” right? And since I felt that my race time was so secure, I was hoping to be the one who could take some other ladies under my motherly wing and run them in to the finish, beating that 2:43 mark, too.

In the end, my wings were clipped.

There was no mothering and it was all I could do to just finish once my legs started screaming and refusing to work.

But really, I should have expected it because I know my legs and whole body were pushed to the limit in my last race. It is possible to run multiple marathons within a short time-frame. People do it. But, I was not and am not yet trained up to do that.

Maybe there’s another goal forming there? We’ll see.

Anyway lastly, it was disappointing that after running my guts out in Indianapolis I didn’t allow myself to really fully celebrate qualifying for the Trials, almost by accident, nor could I fully recover to be ready for this race.

I should have known ! ! !

Lessons learned.



Moving on…


2 thoughts on “Yikes, that face…

  1. Every race is a learning experience and some are really brutal. Sorry you had such a disappointing experience in Sacramento, but hope that you take away from it something far more valuable than a PR.

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