An award to wrap up 2014


What a nice way to wrap up a crazy December[!] and a wonderful year…

My runner-blogger friend, Elle at A Fast Paced Life bestowed upon me the Liebster Award. She’s really smart. Not for sharing the blog love with me but, seriously, just read her stuff, she’s super smart and witty.

“Thanks, Elle!”

Here’s how I understand the Liebster Award to work: When nominated, you are asked to answer 11 questions and to share the answers in a blog post. You then nominate 3 fellow bloggers to share the award with and answer the same questions. That’s my personal favorite, I get to share three great bloggers to whom I’d love to send this award too. Yay!

Now, let me quickly share my responses to these 11 questions. And sorry, I modified a couple of the questions because some of them had to do with Christmas and I’m slow and a forward thinker. No matter…

1) What is my current health related goal?

The marathon. Conquer a faster marathon.

2) What is my biggest irrational fear?

That when I’m in an auditorium or large hall with a sound system and the speakers start to make that loud squeal… I fear the noise is going to keep getting louder and louder and my eardrums are going to burst. Nasty. Has that actually ever happened? Maybe it’s not irrational?

3) What do I enjoy most about New Years Eve?

I love ice skating in the moonlight on our typical farm-pond skating rink with a hot bonfire roaring right there on the ice. If the pond’s not frozen, as could be the case this year, then I’ll just say… the champagne.

4) What is my favorite cross training activity?

Pilates. Okay, well, horseback riding is definitely cross-training. So that.

5) If you came to visit me, what would we do?

If you’re afraid or allergic, I won’t take you for a horseback ride. Shame. Either way, I’d take you to the High Trestle Trail. It’s just one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world. That’s all. And those arches light up all blue and trippy at night. It’s the twilight zone if you’re on a bike.


Half a mile of sheer Iowa beauty!

6) I have two weeks off work and two round trip plane tickets to anywhere. Where would I go and who would I take?

France. My physical therapist. He’s also my husband.

7) What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to me during a run or a race?

Uh… Number Two, for sure. Having to go #2 while miles from a latrine is always embarrassing.

8) Share a pic of myself in non-workout clothes. 


Me with my Lil’man

9)  Favorite coffee drink or hot beverage? 

Cappuccino. And no, I don’t want any flavoring. I always get asked that. I prefer a dry cappuccino. Bring on the foam.

10) Most inspiring runner…

Anyone in front of or behind me. Runners, you all inspire me.

11) Your favorite workout or most recent favorite run…

Most recent favorite run was a stroller run with my little guy and we finished on the track to do some sprints. I sprinted 100m x 10 back and forth around him. Then he sat on my shoulders for some single-leg squats, lunges and form drills. Yah, try doing form drills with a 30 lb weight on your shoulders. Feels like the last few miles of a marathon actually.

Passing on the award

Now to send this award on to three bloggers.

Miles to the Trials A fast marathoner and scientist to boot. Looking forward to meeting her in LA.

Jen Chooses Joy Fellow distance runner and champagne connoisseur.

Growing Up Fast Such an inspiring and talented young lady. She’s all class.

Happy end to 2014!



6 thoughts on “An award to wrap up 2014

  1. Oh, you’re so sweet to say all those wonderful things about me. I wholeheartedly adore your blog, so it was a pleasure to share it with others.

    I wish I had known you a few years ago when I was driving through Iowa. I would love to go for a ride and to run over that bridge! Wow!

    Love the photo of you and your son.

    • Sorry. Bad horse experiences are no fun! They make for good stories, right!?

      I minored in French b/c I love the language. Subsequently, a couple of different French teaching positions sort of fell into my lap. So I taught middle-school French for seven years. I just love it! Now I stay home with my son but one of my best friends in my hometown is French. She and I speak only French. I love to stay connected like that. And we have several friends there that we keep in touch with. Just a great place. Great culture. No place is perfect, but I think France does a lot of things right!

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