In 2015: I’m choosing to Trust

The parking lot at our local gym (The Y) was packed out this morning.

Like, jam-packed waaay more than normal. And so, I’m thinking, “What the…?”

Then it hit me… New Year’s resolution time. Good for you! People, keep it up!

So goals, huh? Who doesn’t have goals?

This year, I have lots of little targets I’m shooting at, like:

I want to do a handstand.


My first attempt.

I want to be able to do it without the wall, but I felt pretty stinking cool to just get up there and be inverted.

So maybe with the wall is good enough?

Can I call that done?


And I know you’re wondering what’s up with my toes… Pedicure? No. But some other time, I’ll explain. Ha!

Anyway, I want a faster marathon.


Actually just a faster anything would be good. I’d take a faster 5k.


Yet, faster isn’t the end all.

I am looking forward to being “in the mile,” in the moment, and to enjoy the training.

Not only to enjoy the miles…

and all of the many miles I will do solo or with my guys:


This guy is a big help with box jumping.

…but I want to think bigger picture.

So I’m formulating a plan to run for a cause. I’m super, SUPER excited to share the “cause” with you, but I am still nailing down details before I share it willy-nilly. Just trust that a plan is in the works.

Those are a few targets, but my one main goal of 2015 is to TRUST.

20150105-152258-55378053.jpgRunning for me in 2014 opened some new doors. I’m choosing to trust that the path I’m headed down is good and right. I mean, if it weren’t for the above marathon, 2015 would look much, much different. So I trust that things are the way they are for a real good reason.

A real reason.

Here’s to trusting in a great 2015!


How about you, what goals or resolutions do you have?

4 thoughts on “In 2015: I’m choosing to Trust

  1. I like the idea of trust as a goal. My goals for 2015 are to be more in the moment: to actually play with my kids. Be present in mind, not just body. I’m hoping that journaling more will help me towards that, since I’ve gotten away from it in the past few years.

    • Ouuu. Journaling, yes, do that. I, too, am excited to journal. And thanks, I realized this post probably needed more explanation:Trust the choices made. Trust that each day (each moment) is an integral piece of the puzzle/journey, even those sweet, simple moments like dancing with my son. He loves that! Trust and go forth with big steps/leaps of faith. It applies on so many different levels. Anyway… Thx!

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